Shoes for people who hate shoes


And that’s coming from a person who generally hates shoes. After years of hiking, running trails, being on my feet all day, and experiencing all manner of discomfort, I’ve become very particular about my footwear. For my feet (short/wide with low arches aka hobbit feet) i’ve not found another brand of shoe that suits me better than Merrell.
This, my most recent pair, is the Tour Glove model. I was previously using the Trail Glove, which had better ventilation, and was equally minimal in weight. I wear these shoes everyday I work at the bike store, and they are flipp’n phenomenally light and comfortable. The Tour Glove has a slightly more refined, and workplace friendly appearance with it’s black leather upper.
Only a couple weeks in this pair, but the last pair I wore religiously, and I still can’t bear to throw them out, even though they smell like pure death.
I highly recommend this product to everyone regardless of anything. They’re that good.
Just remember minimalist shoes take a long time to adapt to. Keep the running to a minimum, and foam roll/ stretch your lower legs to keep the tissues in good shape.

I now have four pairs of Merrell shoes, and I’m stoked on the ergonomics, and the quality.


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