This blog is a means for me to share the things that have helped me along my path to better physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional performance.
I surf. I run. I hike. I ride bikes, and I work hard! The outdoors is my chapel, and mother nature is my god. I seek a wholistic understanding of the human condition – from cellular biology – to anthroppology – to anything I can get my hands on!
I’m currently certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for personal training, with a specialization in Corrective Exercise. I studied at Fort Lewis College and the University of Colorado Boulder in health sciences before a series of unfortunate circumstances led to my dropping out.
At present, I continue to pursue my interests through scientifically validated literature, and media of all sorts, and clinical practice. I feel that the alternative approach is offering me a path that the university program may have missed, and the applications are very promising!
I’ve spent the last several years training, experimenting and playing outside as much as possible! In the process, I have been confronted with, and was able to resolve many common musculo-skeletal injuries, and dietary frustrations. This blog is a way for me to put the things I’ve learned to some immediate use, as a means to retain and assimilate for future application in my practice.
I’m here for me, I’m here for you, and I hope we can move in the right direction together!


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